Day 10 is Thursday, December 2nd, 1982 in story mode. A superior checks in, a stand is taken, and mysterious orders are issued.

Rules in effectEdit


  • The first entrant is the divisional authority of East Grestin, Dimitri. He states the total number of citations the inspector has received and gives him a plaque to hang on the wall.
    • Dimitri counts as an entrant for the purpose of this article since he increases the counter at the bottom of the screen by 1.
  • The fourth entrant (including Dimitri, see above) is a foreigner who is missing a passport or an entry permit. Allowing entry will lead to a citation and they refuse to leave the booth if they are denied. It is impossible to proceed without detaining them, whereupon the guards knock them out and carry them away (see Transcripts section below). This prevents completing the game with 0 people detained.
  • The seventh entrant is an EZIC messenger. They give the inspector the cipher to the coded document received from Corman Drex. The messenger leaves stating that their plans will begin tomorrow, and that the inspector should let future agents pass. The day will continue to this point even if the clock reaches 6pm.


Fourth entrantEdit

Upon denial:

  • No.
  • I am not leaving.

Upon detain:

  • [inspector] You are delaying the line.
  • I refuse!
  • You fools better to not touch me.
  • I will explode like wild tiger.
  • I have every right to enter Arstotzka.
  • You think I am joking but tiger does not joke.
  • Let me through!
  • [unused additional lines in the game files] This place will be covered in tiger hair from my extreme actions.
  • [unused additional lines in the game files] It will be over in a single eye blink.
  • [a guard knocks them out and carries them away or arrests them]

The Truth of Arstotzka headlinesEdit

  • Kolechia Cleans House - Attacks Its Own! Round Of Disappearances Blamed On Faulty Evidence
    • If the inspector handed over the fake envelope to the imposter on day 9.
  • Kolechia Cleans House - Eliminates Arstotzkan Spies. Heroic Agents Compromised
    • If the inspector handed over the original envelope to the imposter on day 9.