Papers Please Wiki

Day 1 is Tuesday, November 23rd, 1982 in story mode. This is the first day of the game.

Gameplay introduced[]

  • Stamps for approval and denial introduced.
  • Speakers used to call next entrant.
  • Rulebook may be accessed but is not formally introduced or used at all.
  • Shutters may be used but are not formally introduced or used at all.
  • Audio transcripts may be accessed but are not formally introduced or used at all.

Rules in effect[]


If an encounter is not listed in the article (like the fourth entrant and anyone after the fifth entrant today), that means that the entrant is not scripted but procedurally generated and may or may not have incorrect papers. The number of the entrant can be seen near the audio transcript (in the bottom left window under the microphone in the desktop version, under the left monitor on iPad).

Checkpoint map.png

  • The opening cutscene explains how the inspector got his job.
  • The first entrant is an Arstotzkan and should therefore be approved.
  • The second entrant is an Imporian and should therefore be denied. They mention that the checkpoint is smaller than expected.
  • The third entrant is a Republian and should therefore be denied. They say they have waited in line for 8 hours.
  • The fifth entrant is a male who does not hand the inspector any papers. Instead, he says "It was a mistake to open this checkpoint," and then leaves on his own. Even though the inspector does not get to stamp anything, this entrant is recorded as a denial. The day will continue to this point even if the clock reaches 6pm.



When approving an Arstotzkan:

  • Glory to Arstotzka.

When denying an Arstotzkan:

  • Try again.

When approving a foreigner:

  • Cause no trouble.

When denying a foreigner:

  • Arstotzkans only.

First entrant (Arstotzkan returning home)[]


  • Finally I can return home.

If approved:

  • Thank you.

If denied:

  • You bastard.

Second entrant (Imporian mentioning the size of the checkpoint)[]


  • This checkpoint is smaller than I expected.

Third entrant (Republian who has waited for 8 hours)[]


  • I have waited in this damn line since for (sic) 8 hours.
  • I hope it was worth it.

If denied:

  • Unbelievable. Go to hell.

The Truth of Arstotzka headlines[]

  • Grestin Border Checkpoint Opens At Last! After 6 Long Years. Can the Ministry of Admission Keep Us Safe?
  • Families To Reunite