The female entrant's note about Dari Ludum.

Dari Ludum is an Arstotzkan human trafficker who is affiliated with the Pink Vice brothel. He arrives at the border on day 6.


The second entrant on day 6 gives the inspector a note that states that she is afraid that Ludum will force her and her sister to work at the brothel. She also states that Ludum himself is in the line of entrants that day. She pleads the inspector for help before crossing the border.

Ludum himself is the seventh entrant. He gives the inspector a Pink Vice slip. His papers are valid, so denying him entry will lead to a citation.


It is possible to highlight Ludum's name on the female entrant's letter and his passport in the inspection mode. This brings up an option to detain him. Alternatively, Ludum can be given the letter that exposed him, thus enraging him and allowing the inspector to detain him. The newspaper for the next day will report that a "mastermind of human trafficking" has been caught and that the smuggling ring has been shut down.

Entry approval or denialEdit

Since his papers are valid, denying him entry will lead to a citation. Regardless of whether his entry is approved or denied, the next day's news will report that some dancers at the club have been found dead.



  • Hello friend.
  • You come down, I give you good girl.
  • [gives the inspector a Pink Vice slip]

Upon interrogation:

  • [inspector] You are Dari Ludum?
  • Of course, it says on passport.

If given the female entrant's note:

  • That little bitch.
  • I break her in two.

Upon detention:

  • [inspector] One moment.
  • What is this shit?
  • Give my papers back. (In the betaGive me my papers back.)


  • The name Dari Ludum is likely a reference to Ludum Dare, a contest where people make games in 48 hours. The creator, Lucas Pope, entered the contest multiple times, by introducing the Papers, Please world in The Republia Times.
  • The woman who shows up with the note about Ludum always lists "food-service" as her field of work.
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