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A five-credit bill used in Arstotzka. Text above probably says, Dept Legal Tender and the text below, Arstotzka Ministry of Trade.

Credits are currency in Papers, Please. The inspector earns credits by processing entrants and accepting bribes. Credits are needed to pay for expenses such as the rent at the end of each day. Inspector's balance is displayed daily on the end of day screen where expenses can be managed. A negative balance will end the game.

The only in-game tender the inspector encounters are 5-credit bills. They are purple, have a capital A and the Arstotzkan eagle pattern in the middle, and the number 5 in every corner but the bottom left. Text below says Arstotzka Ministry of Trade but the text above is not entirely legible. In the game, these bills appear alone and in stacks of two and four bills (worth 10 and 20 credits, respectively). The inspector gains bills by accepting bribes and other gifts from entrants.

According to the unused headlines, credits apparently lost value but regained it.

The game also features tokens, but they have no monetary value.


Credits can and sometimes must be spent on following things. It is possible to unselect optional items like heat and food. The game will do this automatically if there is not enough money to pay for everything.

Mandatory, housing-related Optional, housing-related
  • Rent, varies
  • Heat, varies
  • Food, 5 credits per number of living family members
  • Medicine, 5 credits per sick family member; that and heat and food are required to keep your family alive.
  • Moving to a new apartment
  • A crayon set for son on day 18, 25 credits
  • Adopting niece on day 21, 40 credits
Mandatory, gameplay-related Optional, gameplay-related
  • Possible fines for violating immigration protocol
  • Possible fines for unauthorized decor on day 10 or 20


At the end of each day, the inspector is paid 5 credits for each entrant that is handled according to immigration protocol before 6pm. Other sources of income are: