Front of the flyer.

Back of the flyer.

A counterfeiter flyer is an ad that Jorji Costava gives to the inspector on day 29 when the inspector mentions his worry about tightened travel restrictions facing Arstotzkan citizens.

The flyer advertises services provided by Timofei Wee, a counterfeiter Jorji knows. He provides forged Obri documents fast and without questions asked. Clients only need to provide an existing Obri passport as a template. Wee's rate is 25 credits (20 for each passport, 5 for each entry ticket) per entrant. The counterfeiter himself is never seen in the game.

Jorji does not want the counterfeiter to get into trouble, so he asks the inspector to memorize the information on the flyer and then hand it back.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player does not need to memorize the flyer. The game keeps track of Obri passports the inspector confiscates for his family as well as money needed to escape and automatically offers an escape option for as many family members as possible at the end of days 29, 30, and 31.

If the inspector does escape on one of these days, he will either get ending 16 or 18 depending on how many family members he escapes with.

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