Corman Drex is the first undercover EZIC operative the inspector meets. Unlike an EZIC messenger, whom the inspector meets earlier the same day, Drex looks like a regular entrant and carries a passport and other documents.

Drex's full name and nationality are static information. Their sex, appearance, and passport data are procedurally generated every playthrough. The character can appear twice (on day 8 and day 9) but since the aforementioned information is randomized, Corman Drex on day 8 usually looks different from Corman Drex on day 9.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Drex is the ninth entrant on day 8. On the same day, an EZIC messenger who shows up as the fifth entrant, gives the inspector a black slip of paper with the EZIC symbol on one side and the name "Corman Drex" on the other. No further instructions are given, but the inspector is expected to present the paper when Corman Drex arrives. 

Note bearing Corman Drex's name.

If the inspector does not give Drex the paper on day 8, they will show up again the next day. This time, they will ask for the paper and will not leave until the inspector gives it to them. Giving the note to Drex is mandatory and does not prevent getting ending 20 (where the inspector needs to avoid all five tasks EZIC gives him).

After receiving the paper, Drex will hand the inspector a note and asks him to read it quickly. It says that Arstotzka is a country with corrupt leaders, and EZIC is attempting to free it with help from the inspector. After the inspector returns the note to Drex, they will give him a cipher with a long string of letters and numbers on it and leave. The cipher can only be read through a decoder another messenger brings on day 10.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]

If given the note bearing their name:

  • Very good.
  • [gives an EZIC note]
  • Read quickly.

In the latest beta:

  • Very good.
  • If you help us, we will help you.

When given the EZIC note back:

  • Do not lose this.
  • [gives a cipher]

When given the EZIC note back in the beta version:

  • Glory to Arstotzka.

Upon getting their documents back on day 9 if the note has not been given yet:

  • My name is Corman Drex.
  • You have something of mine.
  • [waits until they get the note bearing their name and then says the things listed above]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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