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Example of contraband (drugs) attached to Shaddy Safadi's right leg.

Some entrants will try to carry contraband, materials not allowed to cross into a country, through the checkpoint. The contraband can be weapons or drugs. Admitting an entrant carrying contraband will lead to a citation and may end a day prematurely if a suicide bomber with explosives is admitted. 


On day 7, a search scanner will be installed in the inspector's booth, due to the previous day's events. The inspector is first expected to search all Kolechians for weapons and contraband, but the rule is removed a day later due to its discriminatory nature.

After that, the search scanner remains in place and can be used to verify entrant's sex and to detect contraband if there is a discrepancy in the entrant's weight. Typically, a contraband smuggler will be a couple kilograms heavier than the weight reported in their documents. Smugglers can be detained by highlighting the contraband and the no weapons or contraband rule in the rulebook.

Types of contraband[]

Drugs (second row from the top) are attached to entrants' legs, all other items are attached to their back.

There are four different types of items entrants might be trying to smuggle across the border: drugs, guns, blades, and explosives. There are three different sprites for each type. Entrants who carry explosives can only appear on certain days after all other scripted events have taken place. They will commit a suicide bombing that cuts a day short if they are admitted and will result in the death of the guards on the Arstotzkan side of the border (which will affect the story if Sergiu is one of them).

Scripted smugglers[]