Secret documents

The backside of the document envelope.

The compromised Arstotzkan spy is a top-level M.O.I. agent who shows up on the newspaper headlines and the official bulletin on day 9 and arrives later on the same day.


They are the fourth entrant on day 9. They do not present a passport, an identity card, or other entry-related documents but instead hand the inspector an envelope and ask him to help keep it safe. They warn the inspector about an imposter who is following them and then give the inspector another identical packet of documents that contains false information. The agent instructs the inspector to give the false documents to the imposter. After that, they walk back to the Kolechian side.

The imposter mentioned by the agent is the seventh entrant on the same day. They will give the inspector 10 credits in exchange for the documents received earlier. They can be given either set of documents; the headline on day 10 will change depending on which set the inspector gives them. This does not have any other impact on the game later.


The compromised spyEdit


  • I have not much time.
  • [gives the inspector a set of documents]
  • You must hold on to these.
  • Keep them safe today.
  • I am being followed by an imposter.
  • They pretend to be from the Ministry of Information but it is a lie.
  • If they ask for documents, give these instead.
  • [gives the inspector an identical set of documents]
  • Do not mix them up.
  • [walks away]

The imposterEdit


  • [inspector] Papers, please
  • [long silence]
  • [inspector] Your papers?
  • I am from the Ministry of Information.
  • You have something to give us.
  • [gives the inspector 10 credits]

Upon receiving either set of documents

  • Perfect.
  • [walks away]
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