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Certificate of Vaccination

A Certificate of Vaccination, also known as Vaccine Cert. is a document required from all entrants starting on day 26 after a polio outbreak in the United Federation starts spreading on day 25.

Possible Discrepancies[]

  • Entrant's name – a discrepancy here requires a fingerprint test to clear or allow detention
  • Passport number – a discrepancy here allows the inspector to detain the entrant
  • Up-to-date polio vaccination – polio needs to be listed in the certificate and the vaccination must be valid. A vaccine expires if it is older than three years compared to the in-game date. An expired vaccination is pointed out by highlighting the date in the booth and the date on the certificate. Either of these discrepancies requires a denial.

Possible Vaccines[]

A certificate of vaccination can list up to three vaccines out of eleven possibilities: