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For smuggled or concealed explosives used by suicide bombers, see Contraband.

Defused bomb.

The bomb is an activated explosive device that is delivered to the inspector's booth on day 15. It forms part of the story as the inspector is required to defuse it.


The second entrant on day 15 drops the bomb onto the inspector's desk, shouts "DEATH TO ARSTOTZKA!" and runs away. The bomb poses no immediate threat – Calensk has enough time to enter the booth, call the bomb "amateur shit" and give the inspector instructions on how to defuse it (see the transcript below for more information), and leave some time to perform the task as outlined below as Calensk furthers his ridicule of the weapon.

To operate the bomb, it needs to be moved to the counter, i.e. to the bottom right window of the interface (in the desktop version; to the bottom of the screen on iPad) from the booth view. First, the inspector needs to open the cover by clicking on four screws in any order. The bomb can then be defused by clicking on the exposed wires in the right order as shown by the numbers on the bomb (second wire from the left, then the first from the left, then the rightmost, and finally the third wire from the left).

If the wires are cut out of order or if one minute passes (in real time, starting when the bomb is delivered), the bomb will detonate, sending the player back to the title screen.

Once the bomb has been defused, Calensk will take the casing, wanting to sell the parts for extra credits. The game will not continue until the inspector gives him the bomb. Calensk will pay the inspector his cut on day 16.


  • [Calensk] What is going on?
  • [Calensk] Oh. Hah.
  • [Calensk] What is this amateur shit?
  • [inspector] Should we evacuate?
  • [Calensk] For that little thing? No of course not.
  • [Calensk] Just disable it. Open the cover.

After opening the cover:

  • [Calensk] Stupid fucking terrorist.
  • [Calensk] Could not even add a display.
  • [inspector] What should I do now?
  • [Calensk] This is the poorest bomb I ever see. A simple mind created this.
  • [Calensk] Just cut the wires in order.

After cutting the wires:

  • [Calensk] Ok, all done. Back to work.
  • [inspector] We should close the checkpoint.
  • [Calensk] Bullshit. I need to earn money today.
  • [Calensk] Give bomb to me.
  • [Calensk] I sell materials and give you cut.

After being given the bomb:

  • [Calensk] What a piece of shit.
  • [Calensk] I doubt it is even worth much.
  • [Calensk] Call the next immigrant.