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1980 Arstotzka Arskickers Division 1 Champs pennant folded.

The Arstotzka Arskickers pennant is a hangable item Filipe Hasse gives to the inspector on day 13.

The pennant has the name of the team Hasse plays for, the Arstotzka Arskickers (a play on the words arse and kickers), along with the text Division 1 Champs. If unfolded by hanging on the wall, the pennant also displays a soccer ball on a pedestal.


It is impossible to decline the pennant when Hasse gives it on day 13, but it is possible to keep it when he offers to buy it back for 10 credits on day 22. This is done by detaining Hasse when he refuses to leave without the pennant. If Hasse is detained, the pennant will remain in the booth for the rest of the game. The pennant itself will not grant any gameplay benefits, so choosing between keeping it and returning it to Hasse is purely a choice of conscience.

If the pennant is on the wall on day 18, the third entrant will make a comment about how he remembers the intense match.

As with the family photo and the Son's Drawing, having the pennant on the wall during the inspection by the M.O.A. supervisor at the beginning of days 20 or 30 will lead to a fine or can possibly end the game and getting ending 11.