Arskickers Pennant Full

A folded pennant of the Arstotzka Arskickers.

The Arstotzka Arskickers is an Arstotzkan soccer (or football[1]) team[2] that was the champion of division 1 in 1980[3] and will be playing in regionals later.[4] The team is first mentioned on day 13 when one of its players, Filipe Hasse, gives the inspector a team pennant of the aforementioned team.

Not much information about the team is provided in the game, but it is mentioned it recently played abroad[5] and has a coach with an either angry disposition or violent temper.[4] If the team's pennant is on the wall, the third entrant on day 18 will comment that he remembers that match and describes it as "intense".[6]

The name of the team is a play on words arse-kickers (people that "kick arse") and Arstotzka.


  1. Preferred term outside of the U.S. and Canada, see Wikipedia for more
  2. If unfolded by hanging on the wall, its pennant has a soccer ball on a pedestal.
  3. Stated on the pennant when folded.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Conversation with Filipe Hasse on day 22 if he gets the pennant back before his documents.
  5. Filipe Hasse arrives from abroad to Arstotzka on day 13 and mentions having won a match.
  6. The third entrant on day 18
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