The Antegrian whistleblower is a female entrant from Antegria who is seeking asylum in Arstotzka on day 21 after exposing Antegrian domestic spying. Her storyline is told through a series of headlines in The Truth of Arstotzka on days 11, 14, 17, 21, and 22.

She is first mentioned on day 11 when the media exposes Antegrian domestic spying. The whistleblower herself is already on the run at that point.[1] She seeks asylum in Republia but her entry is denied.[2] She is also turned away from the United Federation.[3] Eventually, Arstotzka risks angering neighboring countries by granting her asylum.[4] Arstotzka (coincidentally) institutes a program for political asylum around the same time.[5]

Whether her entry is denied or not, she goes into hiding. If she is allowed to enter, headlines the next day say that she disappears immediately on day 22. If her entry is denied, it is reported that her whereabouts are unknown.[6] It is never explained what Arstotzka's interests are or why the country is harboring her.


She is the second entrant on day 21. Her papers are valid so denying her entry will lead to a citation but does not have any other effect on the game.

Her nationality, date of birth, and picture always stay the same. All other information, including her name, is procedurally generated.


If approved:

  • Thank you.
  • I hope that things are better here.

If denied:

  • What? I was promised asylum here.
  • I have nowhere else to go.
  • [inspector] This is not my problem.


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