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Antegria is a country to the west of Arstotzka. It is one of the four countries that do not border Arstotzka directly. Antegria's neighbors are Obristan, Kolechia, the United Federation, and Republia. Entrants from Antegria will provide a green-covered passport with a gold anchor-like pattern on the cover.


On day 5, a fleeing couple says they are fleeing from Antegrian tyranny. The wife of the couple does not have sufficient documents, but claims she will be killed if she is denied.

Starting from day 11, news spreads of a whistleblower that exposed a domestic spying program within Antegria. This forces the whistleblower to flee the country, but only Arstotzka would offer asylum. She appears as an entrant at the Grestin checkpoint on day 25.

Scripted entrants from Antegria[]

In The Republia Times[]

A country with the same name also appears in The Republia Times, but the two Antegrias are slightly different: in Papers, Please, Antegria is landlocked (save for a small lake in the northeast), whereas in The Republia Times, Antegrian and Republian naval misadventures as well as natural disasters along the coastline are frequently mentioned.

In The Republia Times, it is revealed that Antegria recently ended a war with Republia and that many Republian celebrities, including the national kayaking team and fashion designer Crevy Crevy, defected to Antegria in the aftermath of the war.

However, Republia's military may be better than Antegria's ("strongest in the world"), as well as possibly their football team ("Republia wins football crown!"), unless, of course, it is propaganda.